Field report Sebastian Will

For me, working at DZB BANK is a great opportunity.


Before my first practical phase, I had a one-month internship which seamlessly transitioned into the beginning of my first practical phase. During these 3 months I was assigned to Service Management to get a good insight into the processes of Central Settlement, the core business of DZB BANK. During my time in Service Management, I was able to learn a lot about the processes and special features of central settlement.

This knowledge was further deepened in my second practical phase, which enabled me to carry out many tasks, such as preparing annual financial statement analyses, independently.

In my first theoretical phase at the BA-Rhein Main, we initially dealt with the basics of business studies, but the topics of the lectures quickly deepened, so that they always remained interesting and challenging. The teambuilding aspect plays a major role at the University of Cooperative Education. The BA also organises a number of events, such as a summer party or participation in the annual JP Morgan Run, where you can make new private and professional contacts and make new friends.

In addition to its headquarters in Mainhausen, DZB BANK also has a branch in Düsseldorf, which is responsible for foreign customers and associations. To strengthen the general teamwork between the two locations, but also within the individual locations, DZB BANK organises a GetTogether once a year. This takes place alternately in Mainhausen and Düsseldorf and brings the two departments closer together. Fortunately, I was in my practical phase at the time of the GetTogether, so I was able to participate. First we got a guided tour through our subsidiary bank, AKTIVBANK in Frankfurt. This was followed by a short guided tour through Frankfurt's old town and a visit to the Christmas market. To end the day successfully, we all went together to an apple wine tavern for dinner. The evening ended with the highlight of the day, a visit to the Tigerpalast.

I get a lot of support for my studies from DZB BANK and ANWR Group. This is reflected not only in financial terms, but also in good personal support. In contrast to other companies, in addition to the tuition fees, the purchase costs for teaching materials such as books etc. and the semester ticket are paid in full by the company. In addition to the personnel department and the respective training officer, other students or alumni of the company can be contacted at any time. Through joint projects, which the students plan and carry out together, the team building and the sense of unity is greatly improved. For this purpose, you can always contact all other colleagues at DZB and ask them questions or ask them for support.

In conclusion, it can be said that so far I am very satisfied with my place at university and my chosen company and I see it as a great opportunity for my future. I really enjoy working in the various departments as well as my time at university and I am already looking forward to the next two exciting years.

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