What is the DZB seasonal line?

The seasonal line is a financing product with which you can bridge seasonal liquidity bottlenecks at any time. With the seasonal line you can postpone due payments without losing the discount. In this way, you expand your financial scope - flexibly, easily and at attractive conditions. You receive more liquidity and operate even more successfully on the market.


  • Short-term relief of liquidity, no lengthy bank meetings - one call is enough
  • Automatic and simple return via your settlement with DZB BANK
  • Perfectly tailored to your needs


  • Can be used at any time - even outside the season
  • You decide the period and the amount - minimum 60 to maximum 120 days
  • Individual amount - at least 3.000 Euro


  • No handling fee or commitment commission
  • Interest rate depends on your DZB rating
  • No loss of discount


  • Easy provision by your account manager
  • No additional financial collateral required
  • Everyone gets a seasonal line - provided positive creditworthiness

Not convinced yet?

This sample calculation illustrates the Advantage:


Discount rate

90 Days

Interest rate

  • Without Seasonal Line 600 € discount loss

  • With seasonal line 291 € interest costs

  • Savings of 309 € when using the DZB seasonal line

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