My dual studies at DZB BANK

By Miriam Pieczyk - Dual student, 1-2 years of study

What positively surprised me at DZB BANK: "Diversity and a high degree of flexibility in organizing the daily routine.


First impression

I was introduced to DZB BANK by friends who already work for the company and who told me many positive things about ANWR GROUP and DZB BANK. Then I visited the website of the Rhine-Main University of Cooperative Education to find out about the dual study programme in order to find out whether the subject is something for me. Here I was quickly sure that I would like to do it. The chance to study, gain initial work experience and earn money at the same time was very important for me.



The application as well as the selection procedure was carried out by the parent company ANWR GROUP. First I took an online test with questions about general education and economic issues. Afterwards I was invited to an assessment centre where I and other applicants were confronted with different tasks to get to know the problem solving behaviour and the character of the applicants. After the assessment center I received the information about the acceptance within one week. When I came to the company for my first day of work in September, the new trainees were introduced to the company in a playful way, which made my initial nervousness disappear. Through this and through the allocation of a mentor who was available to me for all kinds of questions and who also did this during my studies, I felt in good hands and directly integrated into the community right from the start.


The first year of studies/practical year

Every two months, I rotate between my workplace at DZB BANK and my place of study at the university of cooperative education. The lectures are practice-oriented, which means that I can apply some of the modules in my everyday work. My training started with a one-month internship in my first department, Customer Service. This was followed by the front and back office departments. I was able to build on the knowledge I had already acquired, but the departments were still varied. I not only dealt with German customers, but also worked on foreign business such as France or the Netherlands. I also spent a week at the Düsseldorf branch of DZB BANK to get to know the International Market Department. This was a valuable experience and I also got to know my colleagues in Düsseldorf. In each department, I was welcomed openly and warmly and regarded as a member of the department. Independent work was a priority in each department. Whenever there were idle periods, I was always able to use these to complete tasks for the University of Cooperative Education, which have to be finished by the start of the next phase. If I have any questions (also about modules at the University of Cooperative Education), I can always turn to my contact persons in the company, who are always there to support me.



Whether at WIR events with exciting activities such as gliding or winter barbecues or simply in the company's own casino, the interaction with the other trainees and colleagues contributes significantly to my personal well-being in the company. Thanks to the pleasant size of the company, I always meet colleagues from the old departments, which keeps me informed about many business areas and enables us to exchange experiences. The interpersonal and personal exchange among colleagues plays a major role at DZB BANK.

In conclusion, I can say that the past two years have been a very exciting time and I have learned a lot. The University of Cooperative Education prepares me well for everyday work at DZB, so that I can carry out my assigned tasks well here. 

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An apprenticeship that is fun and offers a great opportunity

- Sebastian Will reports on his training at DZB BANK